Live review: Brian Haas/Zac Baird/Stephen Mitchell trio at On the Rox, 4/7/07.

Electronic improvised music you could dance to. By a youth-jazz keysman from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, an auxiliary synthist from Korn and an itinerant percussionist also known as Cha Chi. Huh. It’s still a world of possibilities.

Well, it seemed like a goof rather than a Serious Project, but it was a fun goof. Unpretentious party boy Mitchell squatted on one of those electropercussion cajon boxes and revved some good motorcycle noises on it before getting into a humpy palm-slapping groove, then climbed behind his kit to thump and shuffle rock-style for the duration. Meanwhile, skinny, tweed-jacketed Haas, beaming with possibly untweaked xstasy, laid down footrail-vibrating bass on one keyboard to his left and trippy riffs on a couple others in front of him, and Baird, a slack surfer type, messed from one countermelody/FX-urp to another on his vintage analog synths and sampling keys.

The gyrating kats & kittens in attendance generally dug the novelty, maybe petering out a bit as it became apparent that not much had been worked out and there weren’t gonna be any significant mood switches. The music could’ve been more extreme: the psych assaults crazier, the jazzy improvisations (Haas only hinted at what he can do) less restrained. But for a clue as to the seas these three might explore, it got the saliva flowing.

And to see something this casual and unprogrammatic happening in the comfy Old Rock Star bastion upstairs from the Roxy, on a weekend yet -- well, that was damn encouraging. There was a stripper pole, too, and it got used. Not for stripping, though.