Burk features in Spin and LA Times.

I've been putting together a story on new musical fusions -- the increasing overlap of metal and jazz -- for a few months, and it'll be in this Sunday's LA Times. Feel free to comment.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Now that it's out, I might as well include the link, here.

danzig.jpg Also I have an interview with metal darkfather Glenn Danzig in the August Spin. It turned out quite well I think, and the pix are good. You will be able to guess which little parts I didn't write.

Funny thing about that interview: There's always something a little counter-vibrational when Danzig is involved: He's the only artist who makes me want to cross myself and sing "I Saw the Light." As much as I like him and his music, I've interviewed him a few times, and things go wrong. One time my car was stolen. Another time I got sick.

This time I wanted to make sure I was in plenty of time, so I projected my arrival at the interview restaurant for 15 minutes early. Then I got in my car, looked at the car clock, and noticed that it was 45 minutes ahead of my watch, which had stopped for that long and mysteriously started again. So I was nearly a half-hour late.

Danzig was totally cool about it. But then the restaurant was dark, and I had not brought my glasses (which I don't normally need). So I could barely read the list of questions, which, between my own and Spin's, was about a yard long. My hands were shaking, and I could barely stick a fork in my chicken vindaloo, even though I felt totally comfortable with Danzig, as always.

Believe it or not, I am not normally a fuck-up. At all. But Danzig saved it. Because of his offhand Jersey manner, I didn't even realize till I did the transcription how penetrating and entertaining his rap was -- saying nu-metal was "the Tiffany of metal," things like that. There could have been another whole interview just as good and just as long using the outtakes. So Mr. D: thanks.

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New to your work but that article in the LA Times you did was amazing. Really great stuff!
Jeff Stevens:
Greg, great article in the Times today! Shocking to see one of my favorite musical trends discussed with such fervor. Some of my favorite bands of the last decade or so have fused metal with jazz. In addition to the guys you mentioned in the article, I also recommend some older bands like Cynic and Athiest who were the pioneers and some newer bands like Alarum (from Australia), Linear Sphere (from England) and the great German metal/fusion trio, Counter-World Experience. I put a link to your article in the prgressive music forum Progressiveears.com. Hopefully it will help steer some people over here. Good luck and keep up the good work.