Kraig Grady leaves L.A.

Well, microtonal composer Kraig Grady has just left Los Angeles, without even a parting concert. He got married to another microtonal composer last October, and it seems he'd rather be with her near the University of Wollongong, Australia, than in this more primitive colony.

The term "microtonal" sounds scary and intellectual, but if you've met Mr. Grady or heard his music, you've come away with impressions of gentleness and naturalness. I know I will miss his presence a lot.

I wrote a feature on Kraig Grady for LA Weekly in 2000; you can read it here.

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g.e. stinson:
i heard some scuttlebutt that kraig had left the u.s. and who can blame him considering the miserable state of the union. he'll be missed as he is an important linchpin of the LA - socal underground music world. he is also one of the O.G.s of non-mainstream music in LA. kraig is a wonderful and serious musician who is devoted to microtonality. hopefully he'll be able to "spread the word" downunder and also come back once in a while and plug us into the anaphorian cultural flow. bon voyage, maestro.