Interview and review: Testament.

Read Burk's LA Times interview with Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson here.

I want to add here a quote that there wasn't room for:

Burk: On your new album, the song “Dangers of the Faithless” has some unusual rhythms.

Eric Peterson: [Guitarist Alex Skolnick] showed me some of his riffs, and I got ‘em down fine. He was, ‘Oh, I thought that’d be hard for you.’ And I go, ‘No.’ He goes, ‘Well, it’s in 5/4.’ And then I couldn’t play it!

Read Burk's LA Times review of Testament at the Coach House, April 10, here.

For the record, a few facts in the review got misstated due to misunderstandings in the edit. 1) The new songs were not all played at the beginning; they were sprinkled throughout the set. 2) The encore was four songs, not one. 3) Eric Peterson is not stone-faced, he's stoner-faced.