Links: Word artist Dave Shulman.


You know Dave Shulman? Go ahead and know him. He's a most entertaining and precise writer of factual fiction as well as a visual artist of various kinds; I was one of his editors at LA Weekly before he got kicked out for being good.

Dave's exhibit at Track 16 in Bergamot Station, along with friend Jeffrey Vallance's iconic chicken displays and a bunch of other good art, ended last month just after I saw it, so I had no chance to recommend it. But you can see a slide show of it here. A continuing stream of patrons was drawn to "The Extrasensory Polynesian Butt Plug Mystery" represented in slide 5, with closeups of the titular totem in slides 8 and 9.

You can't read the butcher-paper representations of Dave's columns in these slides, but you can examine his work at leisure here.

Mr. Shulman also needs a job as a journalist, graphic artist or suicide bomber. Prospective employers can contact me ( and I'll put them in touch.