Speculation: Britney, Paris or Lindsey -- who would play best saxophone?

britney.jpg paris.jpg lohan.jpg dulfer.jpg

All are (or have been) blond. All have solid teeth. All possess strong embouchures. All can boast musical talent. Which should challenge Dutch alto player Candy Dulfer (below right) for the title of Celebrity Female Jazz Saxophonist?

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I'm not sure, but I think the challenge should somehow have a "scissor fight" incorporated into it...
first, it wouldn't take much to take that title from candy DULLfer. second, none of them would be any good at saxophone but i can think of another wind instrument at which they all probably excel which is what i assume you're implying with "strong embouchures." i guess they can boast but do they really have "musical talent?" third, all three of them seem to be top notch psycho fuck-ups. does that count as a talent?