Bulletin: A dissertation on L.A. experimental music.

Microtonal magician Kraig Grady, now living in Australian expatriation, tells us that musician and UCLA educator Charles M. Sharp has completed his dissertation, "Improvisation, identity, and tradition: Experimental music communities in Los Angeles." You can download the 487-page PDF attachment here.

I haven't read the whole thing, but zeroed in on a few areas of interest, such as Sharp's discussions of Ornette Coleman, Horace Tapscott, John Carter and Vinny Golia, and especially his accurate assessment of avant-garde jazz's influence on L.A. punk, including the music of Black Flag, Saccharine Trust and the Deadbeats. The man has conducted quite a few interviews and listened carefully to the music -- including the punk, which he takes seriously.

UCLA has provided a valuable resource on L.A. music via its oral-history program, which initiated the project that became the book "Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles." Good to see the university continuing to expand the historical documentation.