Brendan Mullen, 1949-2009.


I can't believe he will never blow my mind again. He turned 60 on Friday. Happy f*cking birthday.

Here are some memories from people who knew Brendan Mullen. If you find more good ones or want to contribute some, let me know and I will link/post them.

Greg Burk in LA Weekly.

Kristine McKenna in LA Weekly.

Flea in LA Times.

Kateri Butler via Randy Lewis in LA Times.

Chris Morris in Live Daily.

Alice Bag's blog.

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Mark Wheaton:
thank you Greg for writing your thoughts on Brendan, your impressions here and in the Times are pure poetry and have that cranky old guy smiling from somewhere
Stephen Schoenberger:
Greg, Thanks for the warm tribute in LA Weekly. As the bass player in the Satintones from '78 onwards, I was both witness and recipient of the amateur energy he could conjure behind a drum kit, and have treasured every moment of our friendship over the past 32 years, including the tragic honor of being there when he passed last Monday. You've captured him with your kind words, and I know he's smiling at being channeled so well.