List: Top 8 reasons Katy Perry is performing with Lenny Kravitz at Super Bowl XLIX.

katy%20perry%20proactiv.jpg lenny%20kravitz%20hunger%20games.jpg

1. Both performers' ages end in zero -- Perry 30, Kravitz 50.

2. Both sing and play guitar -- Perry even has the same last name as a guitarist who performed at a Super Bowl (Joe Perry of Aerosmith, XXXV). Kravitz toured opening for Aerosmith in 2005.

3. Both are concerned about their skin -- Perry has done a commercial for Proactiv acne medicine, while Kravitz endorses Dayle Breault, the Goddess of Skin.

4. Despite his goddess affiliation, Kravitz is a Christian, and Perry used to be one.

5. Both Perry and Kravitz have kissed a girl. It is unknown whether she was the same girl.

6. Both have connections to the "Hunger Games" films -- Perry has seen them, and Kravitz has acted in them. Also, Perry and "The Hunger Games" both won big at the 2013 People's Choice Awards. Further, Hamish Hamilton, who will direct his third consecutive Super Bowl halftime show on February 1, has the same name (Hamish) as the character who coaches the main competitors in the Hunger Games.

7. Neither Perry nor Kravitz is noticeably Latino, so they can both feel comfortable that police will not stop them without cause and demand their IDs in immigrant-phobic Arizona, the state where Super Bowl XLIX will be held.

8. Both are signed with the tour branch of Creative Artists Agency.